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    Tribute to the Heroes of Benghazi and rebuke of the treason of POTUS

    ALL proceeds to the NSW SEAL Family Foundation



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    In support of Blogger Freedom

    See summary and links here.  And here with Patterico (who was also SWATted)




    NPR Interview October 23, 2010

    Here is a live version of "City On The Hill" recorded in NPR studios in NYC:


    "Spooky Dude"

    music by CC, pipe organ and great video by Mr. Pinko of IOWNTHEWORLD.COM

    Download for free (you can always make a donation)




    Virginia Tea Party Convention - the best, most organized since the movement started. Of course, not including 9-12 or the DC Tax Rally at the Monument, VA Tea Party Patriots did a monster job in talent, facilities and support. I was one of about 15 musical acts that appeared interspersed around the speakers. Most of us were part of the "Tea Are The World" CD debut that benefits America's Mighty Warriors, started by Debbie Lee whose son was one of the first to die in Iraq. The money goes to families of recently KIA heroes to assist in their funeral, counseling and grief.

     Performing "City on the Hill" with Robin Gordon who was the "house band" stage manager and all-around utility infielder:

    And here is renowned speaker, businessman and potential candidate, Herman Cain, just after I got off and he went on.

     photos by Anne Marie Harpen



    My newest, a prayer for and love song about America, which will be on several compilation CD's including "Tea Are The World" and "Power of the Dream"

       "City on the Hill"


    Performing at the 9-12 March on Washington on the West Steps of the U.S. Capitol (where they inaugurate the president) at 12:40 PM...just after Stephen Baldwin and before Sen. Jim DeMint. Gordon Gebert is on keys.  Did I mention there were 1.7 million there? That's FOUR Woodstocks!

    This was taped by PSB2USA and was raw footage for them (one cameraman, spinning camera and mic 180 at one point...that's the sound change) and I am very grateful but it's the only available footage so far: 


    See the proof of the numbers in this INCREDIBLE picture(click to enlarge)


    See the day's agenda here

    Compilation of four events on April 15, 2009 including live appearance on Fox & Friends:


    LABOR DAY TEA PARTY at MORRISTOWN, NJ with over 5000 (just after Steve Malzburg and before Charles Payne):






    Play and share here (download on Music page)


    Inspired by Glenn Beck's kickoff of the 912 program, I wrote this song in two days. On the following Saturday I performed at the Ridgefield CT Tea Party, literally reading the words on my guitar case. At its height, the crowd was easily 500. I was last on the program (they didn't even know who I was and were giving me a slot sight unseen) and the crowd might have slipped below 400 by then. Still, all we had was a hand-held mike on a megaphone, but the crowd learned the chorus quickly and an anthem was born. The video of thye event went mildly viral and I was invited to party after party. Since then I've performed it at TEN tea parties (including New Haven [1200], Hartford [5000], Albany [1000], Danbury [500], Stratford [1000], Woodbury [350] and Fox & Friends LIVE [1.2 million] See for yourself:


    Moments before airtime, Fox & Friends, 4-15-09, 48th & 6th


    In support of the water crisis in the Central Valley of California, I wrote "Turn on the Water." Performed first for the Farmer Relief Tour & Freedom Relay at their stop in Cheshire, CT, we will perform again at the final stop at the Fresno Fair Grounds for the big rally Nov. 22.

         "Turn On The Water" 

     © 2009 Chris Cassone, Cassongs Music, BMI All Rights Reserved


     The first tea party in Ridgefield CT (notice bullhorn sound system)...Thanks to Skip and Mike from the Ridgefield  Tea Party:

    and PalinSmith for the video

    Hartford uncut and awesome:


    Great Article from the Fairfield Weekly

    New Haven Independant April 16, 2009


    Take Our Country Back


    I woke up today like I was still dreaming

    It seems our country has begun to disappear

    Our enemies they’re constantly scheming

    Principles are hardly seen

    Especially by those who lead


    Day after day I feel a little more helpless

    To these changes happening right before our eyes

    Our Bill of Rights is moving faster to the left

    Soon they’ll try to take away the only voices left that say the truth

    (there’s one thing left to do)

    Take it back. Take our Country back.

    Can’t you see that we’re under attack

    Draw a line in the sand so they all understand

    And our nation stays intact

    Take it back


    I remember when the planes hit New York City

    It hit us all like a shot right through the heart

    Look around now it’s such a pity

    The enemies are closing in

    Especially the one’s within


    (and there’s one thing we must do.....)


    Take it back. Take our Country back.

    This government’s breaking our backs

    Draw a line in the sand so they all understand

    And our nation stays intact

    Take it back



    Now my Dad he was one of the valiant

    The generations who shed their blood so we are free

    Over there they fight our Founding Fathers might

    If they saw the mess we made

    They’d all be rolling in the grave

    (and there’s one thing we must do.....)


    Take it back. Take our Country back.

    Our way of life now is under attack

    Draw a line in the sand so they all understand

    And our values stays intact

    Take it back


    My Country ‘Tis of Thee Sweet Land of Liberty Of Thee I Sing



    © 2009 Chris Cassone, Cassongs Music, BMI All Rights Reserved

    Bass-Tony Mercadante

    Drums - Andrew Caturano

    Guitars and vocals - CC


    greatest movie line ever