Unless otherwise noted, all songs and fragments written by Chris Cassone ©2015. 


"Living On Borrowed Time" - a metaphorical cowboys-on-the-run story  about Ace's and my recovery and each one's own brush with death. Middle is ripe for production.



"Broken On The Wheel" - Written with Van Morrison in mind. A vocalist's showcase song. About a break up feeling like medieval torture


"I Found You" - Folksy, "Boxer"-like song about reincarnation of lovers. Could go heavier, with a snare from Back In the USA, but I like the Chris Issaks' tremolo.


"Deliver Us From Evil" - Written for Richard Zelnicker and his film, "As Night Comes" but was too much like the script to make the credit roll. 


"Crazy Girl" - Big, brassy Chicago feel. And she is really nuts.


"Get Out Of My Car" - Miss Amanda Jones meets Chuck Berry. Some of our best lyrics. Besides, who doesn't despise a backseat driver?




Demos in Raw State:

"Picnic In The Grass" - pure PG pop with a reggae feel (think Paul Simon or James Taylor). Horns are coming, a la 'Message To You, Rudy".  I'm hearing it like UB40.


"Waiting For Angels" - Very Jackson Browney-Jack Johnsony





Songs from "The Brain That Wouldn't Die"

I teamed up with screenwriter Bruce Bernhard and wrote the songs for his new film/Broadway musical based on the 1962 cheezy B&W horror film. These songs are able to be licensed and they exist well outside of the realm of the story. Rewrite-tweak of lyrics is always an option.

"An Itch I Can't Scratch" (remember, the story revolves around a woman who looses her head in a crash and her mad-scientist husband keeps "it" alive in the lab. So she starts to get frisky, but with no body...



"Someone Just For You" - Disney-esque duet. Perfect vehicle for a girl with pipes. Bridge is open for lyrics or edit out.


"God Is In The House" - Full out Gospel, about the divine qualities of the surgeons in the operating room (and the star of the play who keeps his girlfriend's "head" alive. Track is available for rewrite. That is Mike Finnagan on B3.





Songs In Need of a Co-Write:


"I Can't Live Without You" - Pure MOTOWN, Hall and Oates

call me and I'll send