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     The Cakeman Chronicles (soon to be an "E-Book")

    A one act, multimedia musical memoir that speaks to family values, courage, coming of age, and rock 'n' roll.

    Critics have said it's a blend of "Almost Famous" with "Godfather III". But see for yourself. Watch the performance at Whippoorwill Hall here (click on menu icon, far left)

    Booking now.



    Watch the online DVD, with chapters, for return viewing here:  (Click on icon on far left for menu)



    NEW! Journal News 9-1-12  at the New Capitol Theater

    Westmore News (great article!)   700k jpg

    Journal News (Gannett)   1.2m pdf

    Blogger Fred Schminke for WBAI-FM (he really got it!)  31k pdf

    Cakeman Chronicles Press folder  1.4m pdf