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    Paradise in China

    I'm working for Chevron China Energy's Leadership Team at their offsite on Hainan Island. China's southermost city, Sanya, is at the tip of it and it's much like Hawaii (so say the other Americans). Whatever. It's paradise. And I am really liking the Chinese, guests as well as staff, who are so friendly and helpful, even if their English is little (and my Mandarin is basically "Shay, shay" or thank you.)

    The culture is very westernized, at least where we went. The food is quite different. Definitely not China Gardens take-out. They eat full dinner-type meals in the morning with many locals opting for noodles, broth, spinach and dumplings in a large bowl. "Century eggs" (blackened by aging in some kind of lamb something) on red bean congee (rice oatmeal thingy) was another. Luckily they had good old cereal and fruit.

    The rear staircase to China Southern's Airbus A380 (seats 508):

    Sanya Hilton Beach, Hainan Island, China:


    Journey to the East

    I leave for Asia on Monday evening, aboard China Southern's A380 Airbus, along with 600 others. If you need me I'll be on the second floor of the huge plane, flying for 15 hours just to get to Guangzhou (广州) and then another 2 hours to Sanya (三亚) on Hainan Island. It's best known for being the southernmost Chinese city and training area for their Olympic Beach Volleyball team (yea!).

    View Cassone Asia Trip in a larger map

    After work with Chevron's China Energy Leadership Team, I fly to Manila on Saturday Feb 2 for a week in the Philipinnes. I'll also hook up with my son-in-law's father, Ernie Parrish, an American Filipino who will show me some sights. Maybe we'll watch the Super Bowl on Monday at 7 AM!

    Then all week (Feb 3-8) I will be visiting some of the most sacred of the American war memorials overseas: Corregedor and Bataan. Then up to the Lingayen Gulf to get any info on Dad's ship's bombing.

    Check back for updates.


    Download and Donate to the SEAL Family Foundation

    Here is the first receipt from Nov 18 (when the song was released) to this morning.


    "High on a Mountaintop" a Tribute to the Heroes of Benghazi


    The BBQ Tour Has Begun

    Visit my new BBQ site for all the news.

    I'm starting in the Mid-West: St. Louis then to the  BBQ capitol, Kansas City. (OK, Memphis, we'll see about that.)


    Chick Berry Square in the Loop in St. Louis...