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    Exposing the American Tea Party- New series from the Pasadena Patriots

    I first found the Pasadena Patriots when I was looking for a tea party group near my (half-time) LA home. I found that they not only had a viable group with rallies, mobilization and meetings but that they also were producing some clever videos for our cause (see below.) So jumped right in and sang a song at one of their modest living room gatherings (in true 1776 fashion, they meet in homes and mobilize their next move.) They posted this on their Ning site:

    Well, they deeked a lot of us and we fell for the bait (hopefully just like the  libs will) and there was furious discussion on that we should have NO PART OF HIM! Well, at a Christmas party up in the hills (near Big Bear) in Yucaipa at the truly recreated  colonial farmstead of James Patrick Riley (filmmaker) we all met to be interviewed by Chase, a bumbling and misguided PBS-like reporter. The series should start soon so look here for the links.

     Here are two of their wonderful works:



    Al Jazeera Says I am a White Power Racist for Singing My Song

    In a post of a new "documentary "from filmakers Rick Rowely and Jacquie Soohen, the entire tea party movement and myself (singled out singing "Take Our Country Back at the 9-12 March in D.C.) are painted as white power supremacists and dangerous people. It is a sorry case of misapplied logic.

    • White supremacists are racist
    • Some white supremacists are Tea Party members
    • All Tea Party Members are racists

    The piece is so misinformed, misguided and slanted that I am at a loss for the next step. The equate the lyric "Take it back, Take our country back," as meaning take it back from the non-whites. This is absolute garbage and not what the lyric means, nor what the 1.7 million in attendance probably perceived it to mean. See the full lyric here.

     So I ask you, dear reader, What Should I Do?

    I could start proceedings to take it down as it is a copyrighted song but I might not be able to as it was a news item. However, the filmmakers are SELLING DVD's of the film. Or should I let it go under the dictum "Even bad publicity is good publicity."  Or start a groundswell to demand YouTube take it down. (BTW - while it is posted at YouTube,  as of this posting, it will not play. It only plays on AlJazeeraEnglish. And that should be the only red flag you need to know where this is coming from. I did a simply search on the filmakers and found them in bed with Soros. Gee, Soros AND Al Jazeera...the Exacta.

    It's 24 minutes and my piece is at 18:30


    Amish Can Opt-Out of ObamaCare

    Chuckie Schumer, in his relentless fawning for any vote, has written into the health care monstrosity, religious conscience objections , mainly for the Amish in northern NY, and it will definitely come back to bite him. I, for one, (and I'm sure there will be millions of us) will file a conscientious objection to this. Can you savor the irony of that phrase...conscientious objection. Why I can still remember the draft card burners in front of Columbia University, all exercising their conscience.

    As my Mom would say, "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander."

    Government-run health care? No Thank Thee.


    Other McCain Reveals Holes in Shoes

    Like Adlai Stevenson in his 1952 campaign against Ike when a photographer caught him in a pose with the hole in his shoe, Stacy McCain might have a) made the faux pas of his career, b) executed a calculated appeal to the masses, or c) really creeped some of us out - TMI.


    The hardest working blogger on the job has revealed to his public a close-up of his footwear in an attempt to coax more benjamins out d' pockets ('scuse me, Sen. Reid, I slipped into vernacular.) While Stevenson was able to bounce back with wit ("Rather have a hole in my shoe than a hole in my head") the picture was thought to give Ike a good bounce.

    Hopefully, all of his readers will deliver a bounce into his tip jar so he can drive up to the Peoples' Republic of Massachusetts and cover history.



    GITMO "Reality" Show Coming to BBC

    You knew it had to happen. First, there was Chemical Ali. Remember him? He was a gift that kept on giving during the Iraq invasion. Then Jeff Dunham created Achmed The Dead Terrorist ("I KEEL YOU!"). Now, from the BBC comes GITMO REALITY...kind of a cross between "The Unit" and "Two and Half Men" but with generous helpings of American Guilt ladled on. The NYT had it in their media page.

    Brandon Neely, a former Army GITMO guard who only spent six months there is fast at work to get the "John Kerry- I Hate America" Award. He has already served as president of the Houston Chapter of Iraq Veterans Against The War. But this is rich...he found his former prisoners (you know, the ones we are forced to release) on FACEBOOK! So he friended them and, voila, a reunion is in the making. A reunion carefully planned and paid for by the ultra left BBC. It will air tomorrow night on "BBC World News America" So Neely flies to London to apologize on camera in person to laughing fellows who are suing Donald Rumsefeld.

    There's something really creepy about this photo, like they are almost ready to flip him down and break out the knife. I don't want to even list the rats names.


        " I KEEL YOU" - Just a couple of buds joking around.