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    GITMO "Reality" Show Coming to BBC

    You knew it had to happen. First, there was Chemical Ali. Remember him? He was a gift that kept on giving during the Iraq invasion. Then Jeff Dunham created Achmed The Dead Terrorist ("I KEEL YOU!"). Now, from the BBC comes GITMO REALITY...kind of a cross between "The Unit" and "Two and Half Men" but with generous helpings of American Guilt ladled on. The NYT had it in their media page.

    Brandon Neely, a former Army GITMO guard who only spent six months there is fast at work to get the "John Kerry- I Hate America" Award. He has already served as president of the Houston Chapter of Iraq Veterans Against The War. But this is rich...he found his former prisoners (you know, the ones we are forced to release) on FACEBOOK! So he friended them and, voila, a reunion is in the making. A reunion carefully planned and paid for by the ultra left BBC. It will air tomorrow night on "BBC World News America" So Neely flies to London to apologize on camera in person to laughing fellows who are suing Donald Rumsefeld.

    There's something really creepy about this photo, like they are almost ready to flip him down and break out the knife. I don't want to even list the rats names.


        " I KEEL YOU" - Just a couple of buds joking around.



    Pasadena Patriotism (we need bigger living rooms!)

    On the eve of my East Coast return, I participated enthusiastically in a living room tea party in Altadena CA (just north of the Little Old Lady's town) hosted by the Pasadena Patriots. Jonathan Wilson, my new best tea bud and mover and shaker of the group, invited me to sing a song or two and I obliged. Also premiering her new ditty, "There's a Communist in the White House," was SNL comedienne and passionate conservative, Victoria Jackson. The overflow crowd was standing outside.)

    The beauty of the Pasadena group is that they are not primarily a protest crowd, like many others. The PP are boots-on-the-ground people as evidenced by the giant map of Congressional District 19 and their determination to oust the progressive Obama lapdog, Adam Schiff. Their new candidate, John Colbert, is right out of the Doug Hoffman (NY23) playbook...staunch conservative, family value-based, hard working, strong on defense...and he "dropped the plow" to serve his country. The PPs have divided up the district into precincts with captains in each and they are takin' it to the streets.

    Also in attendance were aforementioned local bloggers, Joe Fein and Juliette Ochieng, both doing yeomans' work in their own write. So look to them for corroboration. And on the last leg of his BCS tour, there was Robert Stacy McCain, prying the story out of everyone there. Look to the American Spectator for his Monday column.

    Encore for the day was "Hound Dog" in honor of the King's 75th birthday...but with apologies to Leiber and Stoller, I twisted the words a tad:

    "You Ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog

    Lying All the Time...

    You're Always Raising Taxes and You Ain't No Friend of Mine"

     Also in attendance was Johhny Crawford (aka Mark McCain on "The Rifleman," now that's the ORIGINAL McCain)

    Johhny Crawford, Victoria Jackson and Jonathan WIlson (in tri corner hat...HUZZAH!))

    Don't miss Victoria as she STEALS THE SHOW on Hannity


    Jeff Beck "Cause We Ended As Lovers"

    With Tal Wilkenfeld (24.) Words escape me.  And my kids got Dad a front row seat to Clapton-Beck at the Garden. They KNOW.


    A Tweeting Car - Just what we need

    I missed the 110 turnoff driving  Robert Stacy McCain to watch his beloved Crimson Tide ROLL over the hapless Horns yesterday....and he almost blew a gasket. I was on the phone! I mean, legally...with the bluetooth headphone and all...but distracted nevertheless. And this from the MASTER of eating a four-course meal and talking on the phone ALL while changing clothes in the passing lane. (Someday, boys and girls, we'll talk about the Mile High Hutchinson River Parkway Club...IYKWIMAITYD)

    Now comes news from Ford that they have developed a new vehicle which will read drivers' incoming tweets aloud to them (no, you can't compose yet, thank God...but it's coming.) Which begs the question, "Is this where civilization is heading?" Do we need to be plugged in deeper and more direct, with more and more connections to more and more people? Some Old Schoolers I have met recently (read: over 50) are drawing the line at Twitter. But since I met the Twitter Queens of SoCal (Brittany Cohan and Jenny Erikson) I am reevaluating any slide toward Ludditeville. Oh jeez, I just missed the exit...


    Redondo Beach Blogfest

    (l-r) Donald Douglas, Brittany Cohan, Robert Stacy McCain, Jenny Erikson, and Juliette Ochieng  with mysterious and covert operatives nearby. Roll Tide was heard at top SPL (decibel meter) throughout the Ruby's Restaurant. Hey, this bunch is my kinda people.