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    2nd Amendment Is Alive And Well in Texas AND in Putnam County

    PJTV, Brietbart shoot pistols with Gov Rick Perry (TX) almost at the same time I received my full carry NY State Handgun License. Lots of paperwork and bureacracy as well as a safety class with the Sheriff's office but I finally was awarded a handgun permit. And I promptly went out and bought my first piece: a used Smith and Wesson snub-nosed .38 Special (the Jack Ruby gun)



    My son and I have started to go shooting at a range so I share the enthusiasm of Roger Simon, Andrew Breitbart and the Governor. Breitbart said in passing that he "needs a gun these days with SEIU and ACORN." He left out militant Islam, which apocryphally came up as the very next video on PJTV. While I am not planning a Jack Bauer scene with Al Jazeera, I feel SO much better with a sidearm.





    The Brown Hangover: What Now for the Tea Party? 

    My friend, Andrew Ian Dodge, frames it quite well here. In a way, we were snookered by the Brown tsunami. He got all the benefits with none of the baggage. He DID say the three things we all wanted to hear (nix to HCR, free enterprise-lower taxes, strong defense) so why the buyer's remorse so soon? For me it was the realization that he is just another guy...fallible as you or me. That faux pas over his daughters gave me a chill. The nude picture. When was the last time you or ANY of your friends posed nude? Sure, it was in his halcyon days of college (and you don't want to KNOW what I was doing at Fordham, IYKWIMAITYD) but this is a clear case of Anyone But The Liberal.

    I believe that true conservative values must be the litmus test anywhere and everywhere...AND they will win out a la NY 23, VA and NJ. Scott Brown is no RINO. Look at his issues page. Other than abortion (where he waffles BIG time) and Israel (where he kinda supports her over the PA) I am OK with the rest. No clear cut denial of terror, especially Islamofascist terror, and that is bothersome.

    The Independence Caucus has this Vetting Document (PDF) for candidates which should be a starting place for separating the wheat from the chaff. 80 questions is a lot but all a simple Yes or No.

    So I am not offended that Brown didn't thank the Tea Party people. We got what we wanted and we showed that we ARE a force to be reckoned with. But all roads lead to locally. My first order of business is to get the progressive in the cupboard in NY19, John Hall, outta there. Nan Hayworth is very Scott Browny. So I will hold her feet to the fire with the 80 questions if she wants my supprot.


    "Front Man" new episode from the Pasadena Patriots

    Hmmm...who's that dashing lad at 2:40?

    ...and more to come...


    Clayton Bigsby - Black White Power

    Dave Chappell is a genius
    Clayton Bigsby

    Go ahead, Al Jazeera. Put this up...if you can even understand it.


    Al Jazeera Filmmakers=Useful Idiots

    Thanks, Big Fur Hat, of  IOWNTHEWORLD. You get it.

    One of their main points is the level of death threats towards Obama (up 400%). Well, the facts do NOT concur. US Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan scoffs at that number.

    Jacqueline Soohen is the "award winning" filmmaker whose films deal with "global justice" including "Fallujah" and "Katrina, An Unnatural Disaster". She is funded by the Soros Foundation network. Need I say more?